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Jeremiah 2:27

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

Thou art my father - By thee we have been produced, and by thee we are sustained. This was the property of the true God; for he is the Author and Supporter of being. How deeply fallen and brutishly ignorant must they be when they could attribute this to the stock of a tree!

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

“Stone” being feminine in Hebrew is here represented as the mother.

Arise, and save us - Whether it be idolatry or infidelity, it satisfies only in tranquil and prosperous times. No sooner does trouble come, than the deep conviction of the existence of a God, which is the witness for Him in our heart, resumes its authority, and man prays.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
Notwithstanding all their advantages, Israel had become like the wild vine that bears poisonous fruit. Men are often as much under the power of their unbridled desires and their sinful lusts, as the brute beasts. But the Lord here warns them not to weary themselves in pursuits which could only bring distress and misery. As we must not despair of the mercy of God, but believe that to be sufficient for the pardon of our sins, so neither must we despair of the grace of God, but believe that it is able to subdue our corruptions, though ever so strong.
Ellen G. White
The Publishing Ministry, 149

The Lord brought me by His Spirit into the very meetings where you were speaking in favor of the wages of one and another being raised. Then I was shown that the result would be separation from the office because of the wrong course practiced in several lines.... PM 149.1

After I had witnessed the confederacy for raising the wages of the workers in the office, the Lord brought me into the meetings of the auditing committee that settle with the ministers for their labor. Angels of God were there, making a record of everything done. Brother E's voice was the controlling power, cutting down wherever he pleased, deciding the wages of the workers according to his ideas and feelings. How little did anyone think that the universe of heaven were noting every transaction. Brother E was not a poor man; he accepted large wages for himself and gave his strong influence of securing large wages for others in the office. But these other workers, whose circumstances neither he nor other members of the auditing committee took pains to ascertain, were paid according to the impulse of this one man. This work will be met in that great day when every work shall be brought “into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.”—Letter 15, 1895. PM 149.2

A Confederacy Over Royalties—The publishing office was turned from its original design; men made terms with authors; councils were formed; schemes were entered into. While one author was engaged in the services of a meeting at a distance, the expenses of one man were paid to go and see this brother and induce him to put the lowest figures on his books. They urged that they wished to get this important matter before as many people as possible, and that the book would have a very much larger sale if it were sold at cheap prices. PM 149.3

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Ellen G. White
That I May Know Him, 303.4

A form of godliness will not save any. All must have a deep and living experience. This alone will save them in the time of trouble before us. Then their work will be tried, of what sort it is. If it is gold, silver, and precious stones, they will be hid as in the secret of the Lord's pavilion. But if their work is wood, hay, stubble, nothing can shield them from the fierceness of Jehovah's wrath.... TMK 303.4

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