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Psalms 138:2

Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

I will worship - I will bow down and adore.

Toward thy holy temple - See the notes at Psalm 5:7. The word temple here undoubtedly refers to the tabernacle.

And praise thy name for thy loving-kindness - Praise thee for thy benignity; thy mercy; thy benevolence.

And for thy truth - Thy truthfulness; thy faithfulness to thy promises.

For thou hast magnified thy word - Thou hast made it great. Compare Isaiah 42:21. The reference here is to the promises of God, and especially to the promise which God had made to David that the Messiah would descend from him. Compare Psalm 19:1-14. There are very many points in relation to God, of the highest interest to mankind, on which the disclosures of science shed no light; there are many things which it is desirable for man to know, which calmer be learned in the schools of philosophy; there are consolations which man needs in a world of trouble which cannot be found in nature; there is especially a knowledge of the method by which sin may be pardoned, and the soul saved, which can never be disclosed by the blow-pipe, the telescope, or the microscope. These things, if learned at all must be learned from revelation, and these are of more importance to man as a traveler to another world than all the learning which can be acquired in the schools of philosophy - valuable as that learning is.

Ellen G. White
This Day With God, 39.5

You have every reason for praising God for His loving kindness and tender mercy. His all-atoning blood is available to all your children. If you do not overtax your physical powers, you can in the name of Jesus do much precious work.… To you therefore which believe, He is precious.... Walk in love as dear children. The Spirit of God is striving with the children, inviting them to Christ, saying, “Come; for all things are now ready” (Luke 14:17). Will you not obey?—Letter 94, January 31, 1895, to the widowed mother of a large family of adult children. TDG 39.5

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Ellen G. White
This Day With God, 231.5

The truth of God has not been magnified in His believing people, because they have not brought it into their personal experience. They conform to the world, and depend upon it for their influence. They allow the world to convert them, and introduce the common fire to take the place of the sacred, that they may, in their line of work, meet the world's standard. There must not be these efforts made to ape the world's customs. This is common, not sacred fire. The living Bread must not only be admired, but eaten. That Bread which cometh down from heaven will give life to the soul.—Manuscript 96, August 10, 1898, “Christ, Our Portion.” TDG 231.5

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