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Jeremiah 7:18

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

The children gather wood - Here is a description of a whole family gathered together, and acting unitedly in idolatrous worship.

  1. The children go and collect wood, and bring it to the place of sacrifice.
  • The fathers lay it in order, and kindle a fire.
  • The mother and her maids knead dough, make their batch, and out of it form cakes, and bake them for the honor of the queen of heaven; most probably the moon, though perhaps not exclusive of the sun and planets, generally called the host of heaven.
  • Family worship is a most amiable and becoming thing when performed according to truth. What a pity that so few families show such zeal for the worship of God as those apostate Israelites did for that of their idols!

    Albert Barnes
    Notes on the Whole Bible

    Children … fathers … women - All members of the family take part in this idolatry.

    Cakes - Probably very similar to those offered at Athens to Artemis.

    To the queen of heaven - A Persian and Assyrian deity, who was supposed to symbolize a quality possessed by moonlight of giving to nature its receptive power, as the sun represented its quickening power. The moon thus became generally the symbol of female productiveness, and was worshipped as such at Babylon. Disgraceful usages to which every woman was obliged once to submit formed part of her worship.

    Matthew Henry
    Concise Bible Commentary
    The Jews took pride in showing zeal for their idols. Let us learn to be earnest in the service of our God, even from this bad example. Let us think it an honour to be employed in any work for God. Let us be as diligent ourselves, and as careful to teach our children the truths of God, as many are to teach the mysteries of iniquity. The direct tendency of this sin is malice against God, but it will hurt themselves. And they shall find there is no escaping. God's wrath is fire unquenchable.