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2 Samuel 11:5

Adam Clarke
Bible Commentary

And the woman conceived - A proof of the observation on 2 Samuel 11:4; as that is the time in which women are most apt to conceive.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
Observe the occasions of David's sin; what led to it. 1. Neglect of his business. He tarried at Jerusalem. When we are out of the way of our duty, we are in temptation. 2. Love of ease: idleness gives great advantage to the tempter. 3. A wandering eye. He had not, like Job, made a covenant with his eyes, or, at this time, he had forgotten it. And observe the steps of the sin. See how the way of sin is down-hill; when men begin to do evil, they cannot soon stop. Observe the aggravations of the sin. How could David rebuke or punish that in others, of which he was conscious that he himself was guilty?
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