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John 8:36

King James Version (KJV)
Albert Barnes
Notes on the Whole Bible

If the Son … - The Son of God - heir of all things - who is forever with God, and who has therefore the right and power to liberate men from their thraldom.

Shall make you free - Shall deliver you from the bondage and dominion of sin.

Free indeed - Truly and really free. You shall be blessed with the most valuable freedom; not from the chains and oppressions of earthly masters and monarchs, but from the bondage of sin.

Matthew Henry
Concise Bible Commentary
Such power attended our Lord's words, that many were convinced, and professed to believe in him. He encouraged them to attend his teaching, rely on his promises, and obey his commands, notwithstanding all temptations to evil. Thus doing, they would be his disciples truly; and by the teaching of his word and Spirit, they would learn where their hope and strength lay. Christ spoke of spiritual liberty; but carnal hearts feel no other grievances than those that molest the body, and distress their worldly affairs. Talk to them of their liberty and property, tell them of waste committed upon their lands, or damage done to their houses, and they understand you very well; but speak of the bondage of sin, captivity to Satan, and liberty by Christ; tell of wrong done to their precious souls, and the hazard of their eternal welfare, then you bring strange things to their ears. Jesus plainly reminded them, that the man who practised any sin, was, in fact, a slave to that sin, which was the case with most of them. Christ in the gospel offers us freedom, he has power to do this, and those whom Christ makes free are really so. But often we see persons disputing about liberty of every kind, while they are slaves to some sinful lust.
Ellen G. White
This Day With God, 216

Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you. Matthew 9:29. TDG 216.1

It is our duty, as children of God, to talk faith, and not doubt. We are to be hopeful and cheerful in the Lord. Let us not look on the dark side of circumstances, but look up, and believe in the One whom God gave to the world to save us from our sins. Christ accomplishes our salvation by inspiring faith in our hearts and a belief in the truth. The truth makes free; and those whom the Son makes free are free indeed. Let us seek to honor God by revealing a constantly increasing confidence in the assurance that He will accept every soul who serves Him in sincerity. TDG 216.2

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Ellen G. White
Selected Messages Book 3, 326.1

Take Hold of Jesus and Never Let Go—Again I bid you to look away from yourself. Look to Jesus. Take hold of the Mighty One, and never let go. Our Lord Jesus has expressed His love for you in that He gave His own life that you might be saved; you must not distrust that love. Do not look on the dark side. Be hopeful in God. By beholding Jesus as your sin-pardoning Saviour you become changed into His image. Say, “I have asked my Saviour, He has set me free, and I am free indeed. I am the Lord's, and the Lord is mine. I will not fear. I know that He loves me in my infirmities, and I will not make Him sorry by showing that I distrust Him. I break with the enemy. Christ has cut the cords that bound me, and I will praise the Lord.” 3SM 326.1

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Ellen G. White
Selected Messages Book 3, 75.1

Leaving Consequences With God—I am sometimes greatly burdened in the night season. I rise from my bed, and walk the room, praying to the Lord to help me bear the burden, and say nothing to make the people believe that the message He has given me is truth. When I can lay this burden on the Lord, I am free indeed. I enjoy a peace that I cannot express. I feel lifted up, as if borne by the everlasting arms, and peace and joy fill my soul. 3SM 75.1

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Ellen G. White
Reflecting Christ, 114.4

Christ has promised to send us the Comforter, whose work is to establish the kingdom of God in the soul. When such abundant provisions of mercy, grace, and peace have been made, why do human beings act as if they regarded the truth as a yoke of bondage? It is because the heart has never tasted and seen that the Lord is good. The truth of the Word of God is thought by some to be a fetter. But it is the truth that makes men free. If the truth therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. The truth separates man from his sins, from his hereditary and cultivated tendencies to wrongdoing. The soul that cherishes the love of Christ is full of freedom, light, and joy. In such a soul there are no divided thoughts. The whole man yearns after God. He does not go to men to know his duty, but to Christ, the source of all wisdom. He searches the Word of God, that he may find out what standard he must reach. RC 114.4

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Ellen G. White
Our High Calling, 29.4

God has done so much to make it possible for us to be free in Christ, free from the slavery of wrong habits and evil inclinations. Dear young friends, will you not strive to be free in Christ? You point to this and that professed Christian, saying, We have no confidence in them. If their lives are examples of Christianity, we want none of it. Look not at those around you. Look instead at the only perfect pattern, the man Christ Jesus. Beholding Him, you will be changed into the same image. OHC 29.4

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